How To Choose Right Socket Sets?

Before you buy a socket set, you must know what it is, and what does it do. Socket sets are designed to enable the machines for tightening, removing and loosen the nuts of bolts.

They come in a different variety, from entry-level to a professional level. No matter what your budget and skill level is, every domain needs spanner set for basic and maintenance tasks.

right socket sets

These are convenient tools for saving energy and time, getting the task done on time and reducing the spanners use. The sockets come in multiple sizes, shapes, and screw tighter, making them essential for every type of mechanical job.

Socket set includes a portable hard case, beneficial for easy carrying. It is a perfect addition to your garage tools, and when you start using, it will become crucial gadget for maintenance work or DIY.


Factors to Consider when Selecting Socket Set

It comprises of multiple accessories and tools. Before selecting the best socket set, you should know about various tools it has, and what are their features. Following are few of the essential points that you must follow when buying socket sets:


Inches, Metric & SAE

Most of the domestic vehicles and modern vehicles use metric hardware, which is measured in millimeters. It is important that you make the right choice between SAE and Metric.

To make sure it is compatible with your needs. You can even buy both types if it fits your budgets. Doing so, you will have every type of ideal tool for any kind of job.


Size of Drive

The SAE and metric measurement sockets come in three drive size:

  • 3/8 inch
  • ¼ inch

Each one needs ratchet handle and other extension assortments accessories. You can use smaller sockets for smaller drive sizes, and large sockets for larger drive sizes.

In case you socket size is limited to a particular drive size, then select particular tool for covering sockets of the same size, although both, smaller and larger drives have their own role in a toolkit.

Drive sockets of a ¼ inch are widely used for tightening or loosening small bolts and nuts that are installed in tight spots.

¼ inch large sockets can handle more torque, which is ideal for larger fasteners requiring strong breaker bar to tighten or loosen screws.


Number of Points

Remember, a 6-point socket is stronger than a 12-point socket. It is because the inner walls are perfectly set against six sides of the hardware.

The main benefit of using twelve-point socket is its ease of operation and convenience of use. It can easily slide over the hardware at every twelve positions, making it easy to line up.

No doubt they are compatible with domestic work and is lighter in weight, but most people prefer to use a 6-point socket for larger hardware applications. A 6-point socket can easily handle high torque, and it does not slip in any kind of situation.


Deep sockets vs. Shallow sockets

A shallow socket does not touch the nut before the bolt hits the socket end. These are called normal sockets. Whereas in a deep socket, it can accommodate the deeper end of a bolt and can easily fit around the nuts.

If you don’t have deep sockets, you can use spanner for loosening the nuts. One type o deep socket is spark plug sockets, which every DIY crazy person likes to have in their socket kit.

These can easily reach the bottom of a spark plug, even if they have small rubber piece inside them. The rubber piece protects the spark plug from getting damaged.


Checking Impact Sockets

You can’t use every socket with power tools. If you are using an electric impact wrench, then you will need a perfect set of impact sockets. These are specially designed for high-torque tools.

If your profession includes tougher construction work, then black oxide finished impact sockets can withstand any forces of power tools.

socket set

Buying Socket Sets Online

There is mainly two type of surface finishes used on sockets:

  • Black Oxide
  • Chrome Plating

The surface finish protects the sockets from wear and corrosion. Different type of finishes are used on sockets, but black oxide is the commonly used surface finish on impact sockets, and chrome plating on other types.

Nowadays, you can easily buy socket sets from the online market. You will get the extensive range of socket sets of different shapes and sizes.

Remember to consider the above-mentioned points before making your selection. A perfect set of tools can make you professional from a beginner in no time

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